Oct 26, 2010

This Moment

Have I told you that my girl is growing up? Yes, I realize this was bound to happen, but please forgive this lovestruck mama for being so amazed. Every day she is changing, becoming more of her self. She is both cautious and adventurous, trying anything new but doing it with her measured precision. She loves taking care of her animals and dolls, wrapping them up, kissing them, feeding them and lately taking them to the potty. These days you would often find maggie walking down the street with one of her dolls or animals stuffed in her shirt (yes, she is pregnant apparently) although usually the baby is her "sister". (Don't get any ideas, here. I'm not sure where this came from.)

Maggie loves people. You should see her on the metro when the train is stuffed and she's making eyes at all the people crowding around her, making them all smile, laugh. And at the playground she is always trying to make friends. A couple of weeks ago there was a quiet little boy sitting on the ledge near the sandbox. She sat down about six feet away and then proceeded to scoot all the way next to him. She looked over at him, trying to get him to look up at her. They played this game with their eyes and then maggie started kicking her legs, trying to get him to do the same. A few days later they were chasing pigeons together, laughing and shrieking. She watches other kids, studying them with amazing focus, but she also leads. She is confident, this girl.

Maggie likes to sing. She makes up songs, often in an almost operatic voice. She is the loud one, breaking through the discomfort of others and inviting the world to join in. I love it. She amazes me.

She tries all food. How did I get so lucky? She is a good eater.
She goes to museums and stops to say "Look!" and describes something she sees in a painting.
She likes being outside most of all, gathering and exploring.
She loves books, and has the patience to listen to a long story with no words.
And I see small things that don't mean much perhaps if you're not her mom, but the way she has started trying to color in the lines in her coloring book, and at the same time the freedom to make a mess when painting, splattering and splotching and everything else.

And aren't children amazing? The way they teach us adults to be in the moment? because although she misses her grandparents, and aunts and uncles and friends, she is here, and that is all there is to her. Ahhh. If I only I can keep learning this from her; stop the worrying, the missing, the stress. There is only this moment.


  1. Amy, I like Maggie's haircut! You are an amazing woman too, packing your family and going on an adventure! I salute you. We miss you. ~ Valerie

  2. I think. I mean I know how amazing you are. Really. Eliana was saying to me the other day that it was weird that we never fought when we were kids. ( I am sure we could tell her otherwise, but we really didn't, did we?) ( and the Freeman's were notorious) Regardless, when I think of you and me then, I think how much I idolized you. I didn't like something if you didn't like it. IS it ok that I still feel like this? You may think I am strong. But I am also weak. And you are so strong even when you don't think so. Our weakness compliment eachothers strengths. You are a brave one my sister.

    Ps. I was just thinking about Keep. And as soon as I thought of him I felt how heavy he was in my hands. Unlike my Gift, such a flighty deer. We never really had easy horses. Except Maggie. I am missing those days. The hard work. The soft spot below a horses nostrils... ( that sounds strange, but its true..)