Mar 28, 2011

Sand and Sun

Two more weeks and we leave for France! Hard to believe. Jon has been very busy, working 6 day weeks and nights, but any chance we get we go to the beach. Dakar juts into the Atlantic and it seems the ocean is all around us. some mornings I wake up, open the window and smell the salty sea air.

We discovered by accident (a taxi ride gone awry) the most wonderful beach--Plage de Mamelles. It feels like our very own secret beach--secluded, quiet, and beautiful.

And when we want a quick beach getaway (less than 5 minutes) we go to this beach by the Mosque on the Corniche:

Both fill us with a bit of the natural world not unlike our beaches in northern California, although there are always the reminders that we are far from home:teenage boys bathing goats in the waves, fishing boats painted brightly, and wrestling, which seems to be a favorite sport here in Senegal.


  1. I love this post, because i love that you're enjoying the beaches of Senegal! I also love the picture of the goat-bathing. Amazing! How long will you be in France?

  2. i love that you are enjoying your last days in Senegal (perhaps because they are your last days in Senegal?) and that you are France-bound. :) How long will you be in France?

  3. Yes, we are enjoying our last days here--there is much to love and enjoy, and also so much that makes it not easy. We are going to Aix en Provence for a month before we return home! And just in time. I'll be in my 3rd trimester soon, and it will be so much easier to use a stroller and not have to carry Maggie around so much! Hope you're well in NY!

  4. We will all be so excited to see you! Love these photos. What memories your family has compiled already. Will you see Katy and Dave before you leave for home? Ahhh, home! Doesn't that just sound great? Move & Hugs to all of you. Look forward to seeing you in June! Shari ♥♥♥